The Duncan Float

“Floating Forward in Harmony”


This web page covers the following items:

  • Links to water temperature, water level and float times
  • Description of the Duncan Float Venue
  • Current needs/status of the Duncan Float project
  • Tips on wood removal
  • How to volunteer
  • Floating Forward in Harmony


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Description of the Duncan Float Venue:

The physical Duncan Float venue is shown below. It consists of a put-in at the South Spencer Street Bridge, the stretch of the South Tyger River highlighted in yellow and the take-out at the South Danzler Road Bridge. Due to safety concerns the Tyger River Foundation has decided to only allow canoes and kayaks to use the put-in and take-out. This may change in the future.

Duncan Float Venue

The physical venue is controlled the Tyger River Foundation since they own the put-in and take-out. Currently the gates are closed. The Tyger River Foundation hasn’t finalized a gate policy yet. When they have one it will be posted here. The general location of the float in the Town of Duncan is shown below.

Location in Duncan SC

The put-in and take-out have room for parking and of course provide access to the river. The take-out has a nature walk that should interest children and adults alike. A long term vision for the venue is to have the Town of Duncan organize some events including food andA Duncan float floatfun. It has been proposed that part of the food should be a “Duncan Float.” This would be an ice cream float to go along with the float.

The good news for the Town of Duncan is that the Duncan Float will be extremely low cost to the Town. The Tyger River Foundation has already taken care of constructing the put-in and take-out which is the main cost of the project. A huge thank you goes out to them. A huge thank you also goes out to Duncan’s own Lisa Scott. Lisa generously provided a permanent easement on her property to build the put-in. This project would not have been possible without her generous gift. The Spartanburg County Council was responsible for a grant to the Tyger River Foundation which vastly accelerated the time frame for this project.




Current needs/status of the Duncan Float project

Clear the river:
The major current need of the Duncan Float project is to find volunteers to help clear the river of obstacles. This can be done in two ways. There is currently at least one need for a group of volunteers to help remove some wood at a location that doesn’t even require getting wet.

The other way to help clear wood can be done by a very small group of volunteers that enjoy floating down a river. Only one or two volunteers are needed to make a “working float” happen. A “working float” is when a john boat loaded with a chainsaw, hand tools and a cooler is towed down the river. When a designated obstacle is reached work is done to remove it. Participation in removing an obstacle is voluntary but you must agree to be willing to at least hang around as the obstacle is being removed. The main reason volunteers are needed is for safety. If something goes wrong there is a cell phone in the john boat. You are encouraged to bring your cell phone as well. You are more than welcome to help remove obstacles.

There is an high possibility that you can set your own schedule to participate in a “working float.” Our lead volunteer/river guide is semi-retired which means he has an extremely flexible schedule. The Tyger River Foundation has someone who can guide a “working float” as well.

We will welcome any volunteers that are handy with a chain saw but that is definitely not a requirement . The “tips on wood removal” link below contains a few things we have learned about wood removal for those handy with a chain saw.

Address liability issues:
There are three entities/individuals that rightfully have concerns about  liability issues. These are the property owners on the river, the Middle Tyger River association and the Town of Duncan. After the Town of Duncan elections on June 11th it is highly likely the Duncan Town Council will form a committee to address these issues. These issues are already being discussed but this action would make it official.

Address Safety Concerns:
An issue that is on the list of items that have to be addressed before the Town of Duncan would hold a “Duncan Float” event is how to deal with emergencies. Turns out it is the fire department that is responsible for getting someone off the river and to an ambulance. One of the reasons the Town of Duncan has such a highly regarded fire department is because of firefighters like Michael Rutledge. He is in charge of dealing with emergency situations that might arise in the Duncan Float venue. He has contacted those in charge of the project to let us know he would like to start holding training drills on the river. This seems like a good idea as it will get his crews even better prepared than they already are before any event is held.

Some good news about safety concerns is that the Town of Duncan is one of the property owners on the river. This property is located about halfway along the float.  This means the Town of Duncan doesn’t need to purchase any property or acquire any written right-of-ways to immediately start working with our fire department to do emergency drills at the midpoint of the venue.

Safety concerns is one of the main reasons the venue is still closed to the public.

Finish the Put-in and Take-out:
The current status of the Duncan Float (6/2019) is that the put-in and the take-outs are almost complete. All that remains are some signs and some minor landscaping. The pictures shown below are of the put-in. It is a bit difficult to see in the pictures so it is suggested to simply drive by to see the progress for yourself.





Tips on wood removal

Click here for a summary of some of the things we have learned about removing wood from a river.



How to volunteer

If you would like to volunteer to help please call any of the phone numbers listed below. If you can lug wood out of a river, run a chainsaw, measure water temperature, take water level readings or cook the food to feed volunteers your skills can be utilized.

Duncan Float contacts



Floating Forward in Harmony

The slogan for the Duncan Float is “Floating Forward in Harmony.” If you examine the Duncan Town Seal shown below you will understand where this slogan comes from. As you experience this venue we believe you will experience harmony with nature and hopefully harmony with others as well.

Town of Duncan, SC seal