Town of Duncan, SC elections



Elections in the Town of Duncan are held every two years on odd number years. In 2020 the elections were moved to November at the request of the Spartanburg County Election Office. The Mayor and Council members serve four year terms. Two council members are up for election every two years. All elections for office in Duncan are nonpartisan. This means there are no political parties such as Democrats or Republicans. Anyone that has been a Duncan resident for at least 30 days before the election and is a registered voter can run.

Some Duncan residents may not be aware that in the Town of Duncan as well as in many other municipalities in South Carolina you can vote for candidates up to the number of open seats for that position. In Duncan this means that

  • For Mayor you can only select one candidate
  • For council members you can select up to two candidates.

So if there are three or more candidates listed as running for town council you can select either one or two candidates. A vote for a single candidate will add one vote to the vote total for that candidate. A vote for two candidates will add one vote to each of the vote totals for those two candidates. So you can vote for one or two candidates but you can’t vote for three.

You should also be able to write in up to two candidates as well but please call the Spartanburg County elections commission to verify this. If you vote for a candidate and then try to write-in the same candidate it will either add one vote or zero votes to the vote total for that candidate but it will not add two votes. Please call the Spartanburg County elections commission to verify how they handle that situation. The two candidates for town council that receive the most votes will both be elected to the town council.


The next election is scheduled to be held November 2025.

The next election will be for two town council seats and the Mayor.



Any questions are best answered by the election commission. The Town of Duncan believes all information listed here is accurate but all information should be verified with the election commission. The contact information for the Spartanburg County Election Commission is:


Spartanburg County Voter Registration and Elections
Physical Address
366 N Church St
Lower Level, Suite 1630
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: 864-596-2549
Fax: 864-596-2958