Stoneledge Park Event Center

Rec Center in Duncan SC


There is an event center being built in Stoneledge Park next to the Shipwreck Cove Water Park. This web page covers the following subjects concerning this event center:

  • Note to Duncan taxpayers concerning funding
  • Why an event center
  • Current status of the project
  • Original proposal


Note to Duncan tax payers:

There has been some confusion over if this project will raise property taxes. This project is being funded with special tax revenues that can only be spent on projects like this. These tax revenues can’t be used to pave roads or put into the general fund. These special tax revenues came about due to a South Carolina State law that years ago created a special tax on hotels and restaurants. A small portion of every meal purchased at a restaurant located in Duncan and a small portion of every hotel room rented in Duncan goes into this fund. This means there will be no increase in property taxes due to this project. The loan was based on very conservative projections of revenue from this special tax. If you would like more information on the financial details please contact the Town Administrator.



Why an event center:

As explained above the special tax revenues listed above can only be spent to promote tourism. A major reason an event center was chosen is that it meets the qualifications of promoting tourism and has potential to improve the quality of life in Duncan by holding local events. Some events that the Town of Duncan hopes to hold on this site are:

Car shows
Movies in the park
Halloween event
Police night out
Farmers market
Dance night
Outdoor Concerts
Indoor Concerts
Base of operations for a Duncan Float event (Please click here for more on the Duncan Float)

Another reason for choosing to build an event center is that it is an asset to the town that hopefully will be self sustaining. Private events like weddings and meetings will produce revenue that will hopefully cover maintenance.



Current status of the project:

The current status of the project is that most of the landscaping and site preparation for the building is done. All that remains is to build the event center building. Though it got rained on the Mayfest festival was held in the area where the event center will be. The short video below was put together to shown how festivals can be set-up and to give you some video evidence of the current status as of May 11, 2019.


The following picture was taken from a drone May 11, 2019.



Original proposal:

The pictures below show the original proposal for the landscaping, an artist rendition of what the event center building will look like and the floor plan for the event center. The amphitheater shown in the original landscaping proposal was left out.


Stoneledge Park in Duncan, SC


Duncan SC Recreation Center


Duncan SC Rec Center floor plan


Please contact Mayor Rogers or Cam Fant our Town Administrator at Duncan Town Hall for more information on this project and to input any ideas you may have.