Tips on wood removal

You can get some idea of what it is like to cut wood in the river by watching the videos below to see two of our chain saw volunteers in action. Other tips are listed further below.





The following are some tips on wood removal.


Tip one: Cutting in water is very similar to cutting on land

Cutting in the water is almost exactly the same as cutting on dry land. The main differences are common sense items like chain saws don’t run under water and the current does push on the log. Surprisingly the chain doesn’t splash much water around. The water goes the same places the wood chips go.



Tip two: Bring an extra bar

Bring an extra bar and at least two chains (see video below).




Tip three: Some of the wood is petrified.

We have already removed a few logs to get an idea of what it will take. The very first log we worked on was petrified. This log was so hard the chain had to be sharpened after each cut. Fortunately the rest of the logs cut quite easily. It will be hit or miss on how easy each log will be to cut.



Tip four: Use of special tool

Use of special tool (see video below).



Tip five: A john boat does help

A john boat does make it easy to get the saws, gas, oil and a cooler to the wood. It is also handy for hauling wood back out when necessary. It may be possible to borrow the one shown in the video below..